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Loan Portfolio

The Bangladesh Centre and Community Services, Toronto, ON provides assistance and services including settlement, employment and skills development to individuals of South Asian origins, as well as larger communities in Toronto. They approached CAIF to assume a high interest mortgage on the building that they had purchased in order to provide services. Funds were advanced in November 2014.

For more information on the Bangladesh Centre and Community Services visit their website at: www.bangladeshcentre.ca

Fonds Communautaire d’Accès au micro-crédit, Saint-Thérèse, Quebec This community loan fund provides access to capital and technical assistance to individuals on social assistance enabling them to start small businesses. Funds committed September 2016.

For more information on the Fonds Communautaire d’Accès au micro-crédit visit their website at: http://www.fondsmicrocredit.qc.ca/en/

Montréal Community Loan Association/Association Communautaire D’Emprunt de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec This association makes loans to individuals and groups starting new businesses in Montreal’s economically depressed neighbourhoods. Funds committed October 2016.

For more information on the Montréal Community Loan Association/Association Communautaire D’Emprunt de Montréal visit their website at: http://acemcreditcommunautaire.qc.ca/en/

NECTAR Centre (New Edinburgh Community & Arts Centre), Ottawa, Ontario has been providing a space for cultural and artistic activities in the New Edinburgh neighbourhood of Ottawa for over 10 years. NECTAR recently (2012) purchased a building for its operations. An opportunity to access operating grants and municipal tax exemption status from the City of Ottawa required them to seek a financer willing to assume an existing financing arrangement and stand behind the city. CAIF provided a pari passus second mortgage with the Community Forward Fund. Funds advanced August 2014.

For more information on NECTAR visit their website at: www.nectarcentre.ca

The Saint John Community Loan Fund, Saint John, NB provides loans that finance improved housing, business development, employment & skills training, a matched savings program, coaching and affordable housing. A former CAIC loan, this loan was assumed when it came up for renewal in June 2014.

The Saint John Community Loan Fund - Social Enterprise Hub, Saint John, built a new larger space to foster creativity and entrepreneurship for poverty reduction. The 15,000 square foot building will be located at 139 Prince Edward St. and encompass three floors. CAIF provided a 2nd project to assist with construction. Funds advanced June 2016.

For more information on the Saint John Community Loan Fund visit their website at: www.loanfund.ca

The Working Centre, Kitchener, Ontario “is a non-profit, community-based, volunteer inspired venture that seeks to provide individuals and groups access to tools and opportunities to become involved in the building of community projects in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas. The Centre has six project areas; the Job Search Resource Centre, St. John's Kitchen, Community Tools, Access to Technology, Affordable Supportive Housing and the Waterloo School for Community Development.”

The Working Centre and CAIF's sister organization, the Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative have a long and successful relationship. CAIC has provided mortgages to purchase properties as the Centre's operations have grown. All of these loans have been successfully repaid. They approached CAIF in April 2013 for financing to purchase another property in order to establish a community dental clinic. The CAIF board recognized that the Working Centre has been innovative in their analysis of social issues and in their approach to addressing them. They welcomed the opportunity to partner with this solid organizations which is “acting as a catalyst to structural change”.

The Working Centre was recently featured on a Salt and Light television program on social justice. Check out the following link: The Church Alive

For more information on The Working Centre visit their website at: www.theworkingcentre.org

Grant Recipients

June 2016 - September 2016

The CAIF Board is pleased to announce the following grant recipients for the seventh round of granting:

Sandy Hill Community Health Centre Inc. (Ottawa, ON) received a $8,000 Feasibility grant for the Ottawa Seniors‚ Cohousing Feasibility Project. Sandy Hill Community Health Centre is partnering and administering this initiative with a newly formed seniors cohousing organization (Convivium Cohousing) to explore the feasibility of developing 40 affordable cohousing units in a new housing project being developed privately on former Oblate lands in east Ottawa. The grant will allow Sandy Hill to build on the work that has been already undertaken by Convivium members and explore the general building design and hire outside expertise. Grant awarded September 2016.

June 2015 - September 2015

The CAIF Board is pleased to announce the following grant recipients for the fifth round of granting:

Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria (Victoria, BC) received a $15,000 Capacity Building grant for the “Vancouver Island Community Investment Fund”. This project seeks to create a local financing vehicle where community members can invest in community-based projects while earning a modest return. CAIF's grant supports hiring an Investment Manager to identify investment ready projects, develop due diligence tools and market the fund.

Saskatchewan Environmental Society (Saskatoon, SK) received a $7,000 Business Plan Development grant for the “SES Solar Cooperative”. This project seeks to build a renewable energy future for Saskatchewan by establishing the first solar power cooperative. The cooperative will develop and operate multiple solar power installations on behalf of its members.

Turtle House Art/Play Centre (Toronto, ON) received a $8,000 Feasibility Study grant for the “A Home to Call Our Own” project. This art-based organization is looking to establish a permanent home where Turtle House can have office space, run its current programs and incorporate a new social entreprise which would include a Potter's Studio, a gift shop/gallery and affordable studio space for newcomer artists.

January 2015 - March 2015

The CAIF Board is pleased to announce the following grant recipients for the fourth round of granting:

Action for Healthy Communities Society of Edmonton (A4HC) (Edmonton, AB) received a $4,000 Feasibility Study grant for the “Community Conference” project. This organization is exploring the feasibility of establishing a "conferencing" social enterprise that would provide access to web/video and teleconferencing to other non-profits and small businesses to help supplement and provide a source of unrestricted income to operations.

Community Opportunity and Innovation Network (COIN) (Peterborough, ON) received a $6,000 Feasibility Study grant for the “Hatch Ptbo” project - a professional co-working space in Peterborough. Modeled after the Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto, this joint social innovation centre initiative of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church and COIN has been underway for the past 1.5 years. The project is at a critical juncture in terms of growth and interest and they are exploring the feasibility of redeveloping their current space in the church while understanding the impact, risks and benefits in doing so. The grant will also allow them to flesh out what the partnership would look like going forward and help them sort out financial needs (i.e. community bonds, grants, financing).

Kootenay Employment Services Society (Creston, BC) received a $10,000 Feasibility Study grant for the “Creston Valley Community Investment Fund” project. This organization provides employment and community development services. Recognizing that locally driven community development produces economic and social benefits they are exploring the feasibility of creating an investment fund. The fund would support small/medium enterprises, social purpose enterprises and non-profit organizations in their region.

June 2014 - September 2014

The CAIF Board is pleased to announce the following grant recipients for the third round of granting:

Antigonish Affordable Housing Society/Municipality of the County of Antigonish (Antigonish, NS) received a $20,000 Capacity Building grant for the “Riverside Estates” project - a 14 unit affordable rental housing initiative in Antigonish. Funds are being used to hire a Property Manager to oversee the construction phase of the project.

For more information on the Antigonish Affordable Housing Society visit their website at: www.awrcsasa.ca

Crossing All Bridges (Brantford, ON) received an $8,000 Feasibility grant for the “Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre Simcoe Site Feasibility Study” project. This organization has been operating in Brantford for the past 10 years providing programs/services to developmentally disabled adults (18 - 50+). The grant is being used to explore the feasibility of opening a “satellite” site in the Haldimand/Norfolk region or expanding their existing site in Brantford to offer more programs and space.

For more information on Crossing All Bridges visit their website at: www.crossingallbridges.ca

January 2014 - February 2014

The CAIF Board is pleased to announce the following grant recipients for the second round of granting:

Old School Community Gathering Place Cooperative (Musquodoboit Harbour, NS) received a $15,000 Feasbility grant for the “Hub Feasibility Study” project. This cooperative took over an old elementary school in the community of Musquodoboit Harbour in 2010. They have been providing space for cultural and artistic events, community events, programs and activities that promote health and serving as a community hub. The grant will help them explore ways that their organization can become more sustainable. One of the models currently being explored is similar to the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, ON.

For more information on Old School Community Gathering Place Cooperative visit their website at: www.oldschoolmusquodoboitharbour.ca

Weston King Neighbourhood Centre (Toronto, ON) received an $8,000 Feasibility grant for the “Mount Dennis Neighbourhood Centre” project, which is a new community food centre initiative located in one of Toronto's high priority neighbourhoods. The Centre is exploring possible social enterprises that would provide their clients with skills training and economic opportunity (along with access to nutritious food). WKNC wants to shift their organization from being solely reliant on grants and want to understand how borrowing, debt and repayment would fit into their operation.

For more information on Weston King Neighbourhood Centre visit their website at: www.wknc.ca

Pilot Grant Recipient

The CAIF Board is pleased to announce that EcoEquitable Inc is the grant recipient for our pilot round of granting! EcoEquitable improves the lives of immigrant, refugee and disadvantaged women by providing training and employment opportunities in sewing while “greening our economy” by using textile waste. CAIF's grant will enable EE to develop a 5-year business plan to cover expansion of current activities, movement to a new location and launching a significant number of new programs. Some of the new programs include: more classes for marginalized, immigrant and refugee women; classes open to the public related to sewing and repair; and an enlarged fabric boutique selling recycled and end-piece fabrics.

Read more about: The EcoEquitable Story
Check out the EcoEquitable website: www.ecoequitable.ca

Official Launch

The CAIF Board welcomed friends and supporters to the official launch of CAIF at the CSI Annex on September 27, 2012.

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