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What a Capital Idea!

Looking for the financial resources to grow your organization?

CAIF provides affordable, flexible loans and mortgages to assist charities providing social services and supports that create positive social change in their community.

CAIC (Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative), serves as the vetting organization for the lending activity of CAIF (Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation).

Getting started - It takes a minimum of two meetings to approve a loan application.
Meetings are held once a month, excluding July, August & December. Loans are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, it is important to note that a maximum of three applicants are considered at each meeting.

Determining Interest Rates - CAIF will only consider applications where other sources of financing are not available, or where present terms are extremely onerous. The foundation does not make interest free loans. Interest rates are set on a case by case basis and will take into consideration: the prime lending rate (at conventional financial institutions), the perceived level of risk, similar loans in CAIF/CAIC's portfolio and the rate requested by borrower.

Fees & Legal Costs - Successful applicants will be responsible for all legal fees which typically run between $500 - $1500. A 1% processing fee will be charged to projects applying within the Social & Affordable Housing area of focus. A legal retainer ($500) must accompany application submissions.

Areas of Focus

When making an investment, CAIF takes into consideration both the social benefit of a project and its business soundness. A project will not be considered unless it meets our criteria for both attributes. CAIF focuses its lending in the following areas:


Loan Requests

The approval of all loan application requests is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation (CAIF).

Mortgages for Community-Based Projects

CAIF provides mortgages of up to 75% of the appraised value of the property to charitable organizations that require a 'home' for their services. (e.g. women's shelter, food bank, skills development).

Click here for the Mortgages for Community-Based Projects Application Form.

CAIF is mandated to make mortgages available to organizations working to provide social services in their community. CAIC (CAIF's sister organization) is similarly mandated but may also make mortgages available to cooperatives. Both organizations will only consider applications where other sources of affordable financing are not available. Financing may be provided by either CAIF or CAIC.

Social Enterprise Financing

CAIF provides loans & equity investments to charitable organizations assisting in the economic development of disadvantaged people or communities and whose objectives are considered to be of social benefit by CAIF's board of Directors.

The investment may be debt or equity, secured or unsecured.

CAIF is supportive of community loan funds and is interested in partnering with organizations that provide the necessary business skills and technical support to ensure successful social enterprises.

Click here for the Social Enterprise Financing Application Form.

Social & Affordable Housing Initiatives

CAIF is mandated to make loans available to charitable organizations working to provide social and affordable housing. CAIF defines socially beneficial housing as:
Any low cost rental housing
Housing that will remain perpetually affordable
Housing that is appropriate to those being housed
Resident and community controlled housing

Click here for the Social & Affordable Housing Loan Application.

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