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Capacity Building/Technical Assistance Grants
Call For Letters Of Inquiry

Deadline for Submission: Friday, June 9, 2017.

The Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation (CAIF) is pleased to announce that there will be one Call for Letter of Inquiry in 2017. (Deadline noted above.)

CAIF builds on CAIC's (Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative's) three decades of experience as a social lender. We recognize that it takes more than capital (debt) to strengthen the charitable sector. There is also a need for expertise and capacity building grants to ensure that debt is used for the maximum benefit of the borrower.

Very few organizations will qualify for CAIF grants because the first criteria in assessing grant requests is determining whether debt financing is likely to play a role in the successful completion of the project being proposed. This grant is not a grant for ongoing program support or for the sole purpose of writing a social enterprise business plan. It is meant to enhance an organization's ability to effectively use debt. Any applications not meeting this requirement will not be considered.

The foundation will provide grants in the $5,000 to $15,000 range in three granting streams:

Stream I: Project Feasibility Study

This stream provides a preliminary level of support meant to help charitable organizations scope out need and do some analysis around it to better understand the issues and potential solutions.

Click here for the Feasibility Grant Guide.
Click here for the Letter of Inquiry Cover Form (PDF).
Click here for the Letter of Intent Cover Page (MS Word).

Stream II: Business Plan Development

Once you have completed the feasibility study and decided that the project is viable and that financing is required the next logical step is a business plan. This will allow your organization to move from the theoretical to the practical in how they will meet their objectives and reach their goals. In order to access a Business Plan Development grant you must demonstrate that you have completed a Feasibility study (financed by CAIF or otherwise).

Click here for the Business Plan Development Grant Guide.
Click here for the Letter of Inquiry Cover Form (PDF).
Click here for the Letter of Intent Cover Page (MS Word).

Stream III: Capacity Building

Grants would be made available to assist in the execution of a project. Grants would be directed towards retaining/hiring Project Management expertise and/or Financial Expertise.

Click here for the Capacity Building Grant Guide.
Click here for the Letter of Inquiry Cover Form (PDF).
Click here for the Letter of Intent Cover Page (MS Word).

Grant Application Process

The Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation (CAIF) operates with a two-stage application review process:

Letter of Inquiry

The Letter of Inquiry cover page and all other forms are found on the Resources page. Do not fill out the full application unless invited to do so.

Applicants seeking a grant will submit a brief letter of inquiry (maximum of two pages). This pre-proposal inquiry letter should include:

Interested applicants are invited to submit a two page Letter of Inquiry along with the accompanying 'LOI Form' (electronically) by posted deadlines.

Potential applicants are strongly advised to contact the Foundation office prior to submitting a letter of inquiry. Please note that the last date for inquiries is one week prior to the deadline.

Full Application Process

A Review Committee will evaluate the Letters of Inquiry for their coherence with CAIF objectives and criteria and then invite successful applicants to submit a full proposal.

Please note that the review process takes approximately eight weeks from the invited application deadline until board review and approval for all three granting streams.

Grant Final Reporting Process

All grantees are required to provide a final report upon completion of their project or no later than one year from the award of the grant from the Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation (CAIF).

Reports should be submitted electronically using the form below:

  Final Report Form (PDF): Download
  Final Report Form (MS Word): Download

Opening PDF Files: If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer the application will open automatically when you click on a pdf link. If you require Adobe acrobat please visit Adobe - download the free Acrobat Reader and then return to this page.

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